Thoughts to Live By

Be A Good Soldier

“Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ”.  II Timothy 2:3

Suggested reading – II Timothy 2:1-21.

All of God’s children are in a warfare daily.  Satan is attacking us, the world is consistently pressuring us to conform, and the flesh is always present in our lives.

The Lord has a plan for all of His children, to be a good soldier and to fight the good fight in order to be victorious.

There are four things necessary for us to be a good soldier.

  1. A good soldier is strong.  II Timothy 2:1.  It is not in our own strength that we need to rely, but rather, to find the strength in His grace.
  2. A good soldier pleases His Lord.  II Timothy 2:4.  We are not to strive to please our flesh or others around us, but only our Lord Jesus.
  3. A good soldier’s life is centered in the Word of God.  II Timothy 2:15.  We must be in God’s Word daily and applying His precepts to our lives.
  4. A good soldier is prepared.  II Timothy 2:21.  We are sanctified (set apart) when we are surrendered to His will and obedient to His Word.

Let us apply these truths to our living everyday and be a good soldier for the Lord.