Dr. Ron ReillyUsed in churches, city-wide revivals, Bible conferences, high schools and colleges across the nation is Ron Reilly.  He was reared in an Irish-Catholic home, and attended parochial schools during his grade school and high school years.  He made the All-Conference Football Team his junior and senior years of high school.  Upon graduation from St. Patrick Central High School in Kankakee, Illinois, Ron received a full football scholarship to Eastern Montana College of Education in Billings, Montana, where he played on the varsity team.

Ron’s first Gospel witness came from a teenage girl who later led him to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  He was saved June 28, 1962.  Because of Ron’s religious background, he was called to pay a great price to serve Christ.  After his conversion, Ron was called to preach at a Sword of the Lord Conference in Cedar Lake, Indiana.  He attended the Institute of Christian Service at Bob Jones University and graduated in 1966.  He was a youth director in Jacksonville, Florida where he founded the Ambassadors for Christ Youth Ministry and the teenage visitation program.  The young people won as many as 90 people to Christ on a regular house to house visitation night.  Many publicly professed their faith in Christ in the church services.  Ron established and directed 7 Bible clubs in the public high schools and also directed 10 Bible clubs for young people in public housing areas.

While a youth director at Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, Ron began taking a group of spiritually qualified young people to the beaches of Daytona over the Easter holidays for three days of witnessing.  This venture has now broadened to include young people from churches across this country.  The young people, under Dr. Reilly’s direction, have now had over 5,000 souls saved on four different occasions while witnessing on the beaches of Daytona.  As a result of this ministry, 101,236 people have claimed Christ as their Savior on the beaches of Daytona during these witnessing trips in the past 43 years.

Dr. Reilly is the founder and president of AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST NATIONAL MINISTRIES.

This ministry is an evangelistic organization designed to stir the Christian home and individual, and to reach the lost with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST NATIONAL MINISTRIES  also conducts youth conferences, youth leadership courses, and couples’ clinics.  Dr. Reilly speaks in high schools and colleges, dealing with the problems, challenges, and issues of young people.

Dr. Reilly is the author of Building Youth is Better Than Mending Men, and wrote for the “Teen Talk” column for the Sword of the Lord for a number of years.  He was presented with an award by the Bob Jones University Alumni Association in 1975 for being an Outstanding Alumni, and was conferred with the Doctor of Divinity degree by Hyles-Anderson College in 1978 for his outstanding ministry.  He was made an Honorary Sheriff by the Jacksonville, Florida Police Department for his capture of an armed robber at a convenience store.

He is married to the former Nancy Erickson, and has two grown sons, Ronald, Jr. and Jon Michael, and a granddaughter, Julia Blythe Reilly.