Thoughts to Live By

Testimonies (continued)

(Continuation of testimonies from Daytona 47 Missions Trip)

By Carolyn Siegler, 17 year old witness
Campus Church
Pensacola, FL

“Today on the beach I witnessed to a girl who was about 13 years old. After she had accepted Christ as her Savior, her aunt standing next to her thanked me. She said that her niece had been sent to a private religious school, but that she hadn’t been allowed to learn about what I had just told her. I am thankful God allowed me to cross paths.

I am really grateful for the life skills that this Daytona Missions trip is teaching me. Now I have new boldness and I also know how to share my faith effectively. I can not wait to get home and tell some of the kids at my school about Jesus!  I have also learned humility in that it is not because of me that these people are accepting Christ, but because of God and His love! I’ve also learned that God can not fully use me when I’ve allowed other things to burden my heart. When we focus on God and put Him at the top of our priorities, everything else just falls into place.”