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Testimonies from Missions Trip to Daytona Beach, Florida




Here are a few of the testimonies from some of the young people (witnesses) and adults (team leaders) who took the challenge which Jesus gave in Acts 1:8, “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Sa-mar’-i-a, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” Our prayer is that you will be challenged to be used by the Lord, just as these folks were, and prayerfully consider joining us March 26-29, 2014 to tell the old, old, story of Jesus and His love!

“On Thursday I watched one of my team (I have 2 boys and 2 girls on the team) go up to 3 guys and go through the Word of God, giving them God’s simple plan of salvation. They did not trust Christ. Then another young man walked by, and this same teenage boy, spoke to him, showed him God’s plan of salvation and that young man trusted Christ as Savior. Amazing to see – planting, watering – and God giving the increase! On Friday, Brother Chris called me on my phone and let me know that my son William, led this person to the Lord. That was a real blessing to me because he has never done this before and this was the first soul he won to Christ!

Thank God for everything He has done in the lives of our young people and team leaders!

Thank God for Brother Ron Reilly for the work which He has put Him in!”

Richard Ables, Team Leader, Imogene Baptist Church, Mt. Airy, NC 2012

 “I was talking to a guy today who seemed interested, but then his friends came up to where we were and to me that and said that I was being very rude. The next few people I saw, I didn’t want to talk to, but then I came up to one guy who said his name was Trent. I led him through the plan of salvation, and he said he wanted to be saved. Before we prayed together and he turned to Jesus for salvation, he asked me if I was ‘picking’ out the people that looked back to talk to, or if I was speaking to people ‘at random’. I told him we were trying to talk to everybody! He said, ‘I’ve been talked to about this 8 times already and would not get saved. I am ready now to trust Christ as my Savior!'”

Sarah Yoder, A Teen Witness Campus Church, Pensacola, FL 2012

“I praise the Lord for the opportunity to bring my young people on the Daytona Missions trip with Ambassadors for Christ National, Inc. It has been amazing to see how God has used them! It has excited my heart to see the way my teens gave themselves to the Lord and the way they dedicated themselves to the work of sharing the Gospel.

This ministry gives teens the opportunity to experience full-time-ministry for a few days. I pray God will use the experience to call some into ministry full time!”

Adult Team Leader Matthew Rose
Grace Baptist Church, Hinesville, GA 2012

 It started out as a slow day, from when we started till about 3 p.m I was having a hard time. Just about everybody didn’t want to listen and when they did they would let me get through the plan of salvation, but didn’t receive Christ. However the Lord kept sending Christians in my path to encourage me. Well as the day went by I was able to lead about five souls to Christ. Then three O’clock came, and at this point I was really tired and happy I got to lead lead some souls to Christ, but was hoping I could do more for Him. And right as all these thoughts were going through my head this guy and his wife were sitting in their car and I heard “Hey!” “Hey, over here!” I saw the guy calling me and I walked over there to see what he needed. He said, “I know what you are doing and if you would go talk to the two young ladies behind the car?” I said, “Yes sir.” And walked back to talk to them, and both of them asked Christ to come into their heart!! And in the last two hours of witnessing that day, I was able to lead thirteen souls to Christ!! Isn’t God awesome?! Just goes to show you if you want to be used for Christ, He will use you in the most amazing ways!!!

Daniel Wilson, Teen Witness, Daytona Missions Trip 2013
Bible Baptist Temple, Warner Robbins, GA

“In the early part of the day, I was a little discouraged. I asked God to please bring someone to me to lift my spirits. A group of three teenage girls started walking my way, so I stopped them. They seemed a little bit disinterested at first, but I did get to show them Scripture and lead them to the Lord. After they left I started to question whether or not they were serious. (Even though we aren’t supposed to do that my human nature kicked in.) After the day was done, I got on the van excited and suddenly one of my team partners told me that he talked to three girls. He said that the answered him boldly and said yes they knew they were on their way to heaven. They told him that a girl named Sara prayed with them! I was so excited after that. The Lord answered me with comfort that they truly were serious.”

Sara Goodson, Teen Witness, Daytona Missions Trip 2012
Grace Baptist Church, Hinesville, GA

“This has been the most valuable experience I have ever had.
I am 67 years old, and have been a law officer for 37 years.

Nothing else even comes close. Winning one person for our Lord was without comparison.

This is the most wonderful experience I believe is possible other than coming to accept my Lord and Savior.”

Dave Gantt, Adult Team Leader, Southwood Baptist Church,
Tallahassee, FL 2012

Usually we are told not to talk to lifeguards or police officers or the like because they have a job to do. However, today that changed. We were almost done for the day and I was talking to a couple on the boardwalk, but they were not interested. Just after I finished talking to them, two police officers stopped me and asked me what I was doing and making sure I was not selling anything. While I was explaining what I was doing I was able to give both of them a brief version of the plan of salvation. The first officer seemed to be considering what I was saying, and thinking about it.

I thank God that I was able to plant the seed to people that normally I would not be able to talk to.”

James Flint, Teen Witness, Faith Bible Baptist Church, Unionville, VA 2012