Thoughts to Live By


I want to allow you to read some of the wonderful testimonies by the young people and adults who stepped out with on our 47th Missionary Trip to Daytona Beach, Florida in 2014.

Taylor Bullard

Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church
Oliver Sprigs, TN

“I had been having a rough morning and I had been praying non stop to not get discouraged. I was walking down the beach and I noticed two guys sitting on the tailgate of a truck. I walked past them several times, but didn’t talk to them. I cam back and finally talked with them and by the grace of God I led them both to the Lord! They both told me how happy they were that they got that settled. I am so thankful God gave me the chance to lead them to him. God is truly awesome!

Mariah Mastriano
Grace Baptist Church
Watkinsville, GA


“When we got back on the Beach from our first break, I right away started back witnessing to people ad every time I would start going through the plan of salvation this group of guys would walk by and shout stuff like, “You sinner, you need Jesus” and I just kept walking by them. So I purposed to talk to them. When I finally got the chance to talk to them, they told me straight up that they were going to Hell, and one of them said he would listen to what I had to say if I could find a verse that says God will save anyone. So I quoted Romans 10:13, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” They stayed and listened to me and the Word of God. Every time they would ask a question God would work through me to say just what He wanted me to say. None of them got saved, but I was able to give them the whole plan of salvation and plant the seed of the Word of God.”

Matthew Bonifacius
Mount Pisgah Baptist Church
Oliver Springs, TN


Well, it started off when Brother Nate drops us off. And after 45 minutes of talking I came to two girls, and a husband and wife. I led them all to Christ and they got saved. And the wife told me she was glad I told her. And she told me that didn’t know if people cared because no one has ever asked her. And she was a big blessing and I remember how happy she was to know that someone cares.

Jessica Annunziata
Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church
Oliver Springs, TN

Today I had the privilege of seeing quite a few teenagers accept Christ. One in particular was just standing there with his bike, at the beach, I approached him and asked him about eternity, and he told me he wasn’t sure where he’d spend it. I gave him the Gospel, And he accepted Christ as his Savior. After, he thanked me for sharing the truth with him. I just thank the Lord for the opportunity to see teenagers come to know Him, because many of them are searching.

Michelle Flint
Faith Bible Baptist Church
Unionville, VA

Today the Lord was teaching me more to get out of my box of what I would say to people when sharing the gospel with people. I was praying that God would give me the words that people need to hear. Several times when I walked up to people today they would say, “Oh I know what you are going to ask me.” So I asked the Lord for a different question to ask them. I asked several times, do you know for sure that you have come to God the way that He say in the Bible that we should? A lot of times God used that question to really start them thinking. A lot of times they were willing to let me show them some verse out of the Bible. Other times I was asking God for an open door to talk with people and share the gospel with them. Very soon after I saw some people with dogs and talking about and petting their dogs which provided an open door to start conversations to share the gospel with them. God showed me again and again today that I Him in order to share the gospel and that He will answer and provide the open door that is needed for the particular person that I am talking to. My sufficiency in witnessing is only in Christ even moment by moment. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be with AFC sharing the gospel with people as a teammate with other Christians and most of all for God’s leading and direction.