Temptation In our Lives

We all face temptation everyday. Dr. Reilly explains how we are tempted and the results of yielding to temptation.


Destructive Attitudes

Dr. Reilly warns young people about certain attitudes that can destroy relationships and ruin one’s life.


Development Of A Spiritual Leader

Dr. Reilly teaches young people how to develop their lives spiritually and what it takes for them to be a proper leader in their youth group.


Teenage Friendships

Everyone needs a friend and everyone wants to be a friend to someone. In this message Dr. Reilly explains the importance of having the right kind of friends and the negative results that bad friends bring to one’s life.


Meet For The Master’s Use

The Lord desires to work in the life of a young person and use them to glorify His name. In this message Dr. Reilly shares three things that are necessary to prepared you for His service.


Traps Of The Devil

This message warns about the traps that the devil sets around the life of a teenager and teaches you how to avoid them.


Your Walk With God

This is a message that teaches young people how to develop a personal relationship with the Lord and enjoy a daily walk with Him.


Making The Right Choices

Dr. Reilly describes the most important choices young people have to make in their lives. In this message he explains what is needed in their heart to make those right choices.


The Laborers Are Few

This message speaks directly to a young person’s heart about the need to be involved as a witness for Christ. Dr. Reilly shares how there are very few young people that take the challenge to reach the lost youth of America with the gospel.


Peer Pressure

This message exposes how young people are continually under pressure from their peers to conform to the world’s image. Dr. Reilly teaches how you can overcome negative peer pressure.


Your Adversary The Devil

The devil is the most powerful enemy that you and I have and he is trying to hinder our service for Christ. Dr. Reilly shares how we can have victory over Satan’s power.


MP3 CD For Young People

This CD contains five messages that can only be played on an MP3 Player. These include the following:

  1. Destructive Attitudes
  2. Meet For The Master’s Use
  3. Peer Pressure
  4. Temptation In Our Lives
  5. Traps Of The Devil