Couples Retreats

These are typically held during the weekend in a hotel, church, or off-site facility.

Youth Rallies

These meetings are held on a Saturday evening for all young people in your church, in addition to other churches being invited to the rally.

Youth Conferences

Dr. Reilly is a speaker at large and small youth conferences.

Youth Camps

Dr. Reilly speaks at youth camps across America.  He has developed his expertise, having directed his own camp for 19 years.

Public School Assemblies

Speaking on subjects such as alcohol, drugs, peer pressure, purity, anger, suicide, attitude and potential.  Dr. Reilly addresses the important topics related to teenagers. CLICK HERE to read a testimony from a pastor who had Dr. Reilly as a speaker in his church and in his local public schools.

Evangelistic Outreach at Daytona Beach, Florida Since 1968

A unique ministry for young people from across America that reaches the youth of America with the gospel message through personal witnessing.